At O’Plérou Studio simplicity is key. Our pricing is straightforward and our licenses are all-inclusive, allowing you to use our typefaces seamlessly across print, social media, video, ePub, and websites. The only criterion is the company size of the end user, ensuring that our typefaces cater to your unique needs. Refer to our End User License Agreement for a deeper understanding of our operational principles and guidelines.


Individual Weight Pricing:
XS (1 Employee): $80
S (2–5 Employees): $120
M (6–15 Employees): $200
L (16–35 Employees): $320
XL (36–75 Employees): $480
2XL (76–145 Employees): $650
3XL (146–250 Employees): $880
Mega (251–500 Employees): $1,250
Giga (501–750 Employees): $1,800
Tera (751–1000 Employees): $2,500

Please get in touch for a custom quote if your company exceeds 1000 employees.


Pack Discount: We offer a 20% discount when purchasing typefaces in packs (e.g., three weights or the full family).
Student Discount: We offer a 50% discount for students. Please contact us at contact[at]oplerou[dot]studio to avail of this special offer.