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Each time you proceed to checkout and place an order on this platform, you affirm that you have not only read but also accepted and acknowledged the general terms and conditions of sale, along with the End User License Agreement (EULA).

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By acquiring any of our products, you explicitly declare that you have read, accepted, and acknowledged the terms specified in the End User License Agreement (EULA), which delineates the authorized uses of our products.


This End User License Agreement ("EULA") is entered into by and between O’Plérou Studio ("Licensor") and the end user ("Licensee").

1. Ownership and Licensing:
1.1. The fonts provided by Licensor are licensed, not sold, and Licensor retains all intellectual property rights.
1.2. Licensee is granted an all-inclusive license for use in print, web, ePub, and social media.
1.3. Server licenses are subscription-based; specific terms shall be discussed upon contacting Licensor at contact[at]oplerou[dot]studio.

2. Restrictions:
2.1. Licensee shall not purchase fonts for resale.
2.2. The license is non-transferable and legally binding between O’Plérou Grebet and the Licensee.
2.3. Fonts may not be resold, rented, lent, traded, or distributed to third parties.

3. Format and Pricing:
3.1. Fonts are provided in OTF and WOFF formats.
3.2. Pricing is determined by the company size of the Licensee:
XS = 1 employee;
S = 2-5 employees;
M = 6-15 employees;
L = 16-35 employees;
XL = 36-75 employees;
2XL = 76-145 employees;
3XL = 146-250 employees;
Mega = 251-500 employees;
Giga = 501-750 employees;
Tera = 751-1000 employees;
Contact us for a custom quote if your company exceeds 1000 employees.

4. Usage by Designers/Studios/Agencies:
4.1. Designers, studios, and agencies may purchase fonts for clients, but clients own the license.
4.2. Separate licenses are required for different clients.
4.3. The license is valid within the organization and one initial subcontractor.

5. Special Use Cases:
5.1. Political or religious use requires written consent from O’Plérou Grebet.
5.2. Trials are allowed for internal use only; external, public, and commercial use is prohibited without purchasing a license.

6. Credits:
6.1. Licensee agrees to credit O’Plérou Studio in conformity with Ivorian intellectual property code and international conventions and copyright regulations.

7. Prohibited Actions:
7.1. Disassembling, decompiling, altering, or modifying the design in a type design software to extend or modify the font is strictly prohibited. Customizations can be discussed by contacting O’Plérou Grebet.
7.2. Modifying, renaming or converting the font software files under any circumstance.

8. Disclaimer and Liability:
8.1. Fonts are provided "as is"; Licensor makes no warranty of any kind.
8.2. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the font rests upon the Licensee.
8.3. O’Plérou Studio cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the end user or third party due to the misuse of the font.
8.4. The EULA may be modified without prior notice.

9. Support:
9.1. O’Plérou Studio is committed to providing support for Licensee inquiries or issues related to the licensed font software. Licensee may contact O’Plérou Grebet via email at contact[at]oplerou[dot]studio for assistance.
9.2. O’Plérou Grebet will make reasonable efforts to respond to support inquiries in a timely manner, but there is no obligation to assist in any installation or utilization problem of the font software.

10. Payments:
10.1. Our order process is conducted by our online reseller Paddle.com. Paddle.com is the Merchant of Record for all our orders and provides all customer service inquiries.

11. Governing Law:
11.1. This agreement is governed by Ivorian law.

12. Refunds and Upgrades:
12.1. No refunds are provided for digital purchases.
12.2. Licensee should upgrade their license when the company size exceeds the previously selected license size.

13. Termination:
13.1. The license is terminated if the end user breaches the terms.

14. Marketing Rights:
14.1. O’Plérou Studio is allowed to use content created by the Licensee using the licensed font for marketing purposes, including O’Plérou Grebet and O’Plérou Studio portfolio, website, and social media accounts once made public by the Licensee.

15. Updates:
15.1. O’Plérou Studio reserves the right to modify, update, or improve the content of the font(s) at any time.

By accepting this EULA, the Licensee agrees to abide by its terms and conditions. Any violation may result in the termination of the license.